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5 factors you need to consider when choosing right rubber gym flooring

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  • Author: Viola Luo
  • Time of issue: 2021-10-22 14:03
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When it comes to gym matting, you have several options to consider. It can feel like a difficult task to get the right flooring. In general, the best gym matting format depends on a few factors, including:

  • Budget

  • Space 

  • Purpose 

  • Traffic 

  • Moisture 

All of these factors will combine to narrow down your choices. For example, a yoga studio has different needs to an Olympic weight lifting gym. The standard home gym experiences much less traffic than a commercial studio. Your individual situation and intended use play a big role in making the right decision. 

Fitness Rubber Rolls 

JLAS-1-Rubber Flooring Rolls

You have three main types of gym matting: rubber rolls, gym tiles, and interlocking gym mats. Rubber rolls are suitable for ample space and create a seamless and uniform look. 

JLAS-1-Rubber Flooring Rolls

In comparison to tiles, rolls are less labor-intensive during the installation process. They also tend to be cheaper than rubber tiles. Because rubber rolls create a seamless finish, there are fewer joins which means it’s less likely to form gaps or become loose with use. 

Gym mats

For thicker flooring, rubber gym tiles are usually the preferred option. Heavy rubber floor tiles support practically any workout and protect the subfloor from weighty machinery and use. Rubber tiles should be secured professionally to avoid gaps or imperfections, especially in a commercial gym setting.

JLCS-5-Heavy-duty Granulate Rubber Tile

The other option is to use interlocking gym mats. These are similar to rubber tiles but use either a self-locking feature or have jigsaw edges for easy assembly. So, you can install the flooring without adhesive. This is ideal for home gyms where you don’t want to invest in a costly installation process. Interlocking tiles still provide maximum support despite the easy assembly process. 

JLKS-4-Interlocking Rubber Mat

Colour Gym Mats

If you want to inject some vibrancy into your workout, these Colour Gym Mats are ideal. They are suitable for home gyms and creating fitness zones within a commercial gym. The gym mats have plenty of shock absorption, non-slip resistance, and durability for high-impact exercise and free weights. 

JLPS-3-Painting Laminated Rubber Tile with Evolved Layer

When it comes to choosing between gym tiles or rolls, it really depends on the space you have available, your intended use, and your budget. While rubber gym mats are suitable for both home and commercial gyms, fitness rolls tend to be suited to much larger spaces than your average home gym. Match your gym mat format to your needs so that you invest in the best option for your requirements.

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